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Le Trio Joubran - Ranadana


Nazareth-born Samir Jubran is not afraid to say his ‘oud (the Oriental luth) is his weapon, used to counter Israeli prejudice, racism and occupation. The articulate Palestinian artist, now between France and his home town of Ramallah,
has been forging acoustic compositions for as long as he knows. Indeed, he was originally nurtured on the ‘oud at the bosom of one of Palestine’s best-known musical families. In 2005, Samir brought in his brothers, Wissam and Adnan,
to form a unique trio. That same year their album “Randana” marked the inauguration of what Samir claims is Palestine’s first record label, of the same name.

1. Hawas
2. Misage
3. Shagaf
4. Safar
5. Ahwak [Live]

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